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“Hmm, not really hot; not the smartest guy around; not actually funny; not always that nice. Oh well, I can live with that dude in the mirror anyway” I say something like this to myself sometimes when the introspection bug … Continue reading

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Balanced Living

One doesn’t need to browse the Web very long in order to stumble across some expert or authority writing or talking about the need for balance in our lives. Certainly, there are numerous websites, books, and seminars that focus on … Continue reading

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Abundance is one of those often-used buzzwords bandied about in the self-help industry. The fellow with the fleet of Lamborghinis and shelves full of books in his garage comes to mind. If a person is seeking how to increase one’s … Continue reading

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Routine can be boring or helpful according to its context. When we think about routine days it might be in regards to everyday tasks we must perform out of obligation. Routine can be helpful and not necessarily boring when applied … Continue reading

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Resolutions Renewal

Today marks the first day of the second six-months span of 2019. This is the perfect time to check in with the list of New Year’s resolutions we pledged six months ago. First of all, I called up the blog … Continue reading

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The Checklist

I turned sixty-six last month. Around the time of that event and afterwards, I’ve been experiencing some sort of wake-up calls about mortality. I’ve always known intellectually that life on this planet is impermanent. I’ve also done countless meditations on mortality … Continue reading

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It seems like we humans are never happy with simply being. We often strive towards becoming someone or something else. If we’re unhappy we try to become happy. If we think we’re ugly we want to become beautiful. If we’re … Continue reading

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