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To Splurge

It’s tempting to let the indulgent side of my imagination go free while I continue to self-isolate. I do my best to put a damper on such daydreaming because I’m trying to strengthen the minimalist side of my personality. One … Continue reading

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Splurging (OpEd)

A few weeks ago American televangelist Jesse Duplantis claimed that Jesus Christ set up a “gofundme” account in order to buy Duplantis a $54,000,000 private jet airplane. The claim is outrageous enough on its surface, but this would be the … Continue reading

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As we age, it’s easy to surrender to default behavior patterns. At least this has been true for me.  To counter this tendency, medical and mental health  professionals recommend self-care. Of course, we recognize that this does not mean do … Continue reading

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Singles Appreciation Day

OK, so you’re single, unattached, or otherwise without a date for Valentine’s Day and you’ve made it through Desperation Day in one piece.  We’ve arrived at Singles Appreciation Day at last.  We have managed to get through some soul searching and … Continue reading

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