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Be Strong

The year 2020 has become an example of setbacks. It has exposed our national, social, and individual vulnerabilities. To look at the news headlines and tragic statistics reminds us of our weakest aspects. When we examine the situation closer, we … Continue reading

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Life Reset

As I drove onto the driveway, I noticed my landlord getting out of his car that was parked on the street in front of the house. This was a puzzling sight because I’ve never seen him arrive at the house … Continue reading

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It’s been a matter of recovering from a bout of a garden variety contagious virus this weekend. I became physically active a day before I should have done so. I just don’t like to lay around in bed all day. … Continue reading

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While sweeping the kitchen floor yesterday, my monkey-mind brought the concept of struggle to my consciousness. Such is the nature of the mind–random thoughts and chatter goes on constantly. This proclivity is quite noticeable to people who meditate. Concentration can … Continue reading

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The last thing we want to hear after suffering a severe setback is that the failure is “a blessing in disguise”. Although the statement may be true most of the time, sometimes, it isn’t. A nation undergoing a revolution might … Continue reading

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During his last visit, Jorge mentioned that he felt another attack on civil liberties building up in the US.  Although he pays scant attention to the negativity of the mainstream news media sources, he cannot help but pick up on … Continue reading

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