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Right Sharing

Perhaps you have had to participate in a group project at some time in your career or in school. Every member of the group was assigned and/or expected to perform a particular role in the project’s completion. In reality, everybody … Continue reading

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

My old friend, Andy stopped by the house for a few hours yesterday to touch base.  He’s on the return leg of a car trip from his home in Toronto to visit the western US states, then back home, eventually … Continue reading

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All Is Ours

You can say that you own something, but, it will end up owning you instead. I was a high school sophomore when I first heard something to that effect.  Many years earlier, during a discussion about “deep matters”, my best … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Generosity

I decided to go to Denver so I could visit a pal.  My car had been burglarized and was awaiting replacement wheels and parts. I could not afford any other means of transportation than hitchhiking.  Anyway, in 1971, thumbing a ride … Continue reading

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Giving And Receiving

The pre-dawn hour glowed with a yellow-grey reflection from the heavy overcast.  As I sat with my cup of coffee, I felt like I was on the set of an industrialized, kafkaesque movie.  It’s one of those movies that pits … Continue reading

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