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World Introvert Month 2023

If you want a crash course in introversion from experts and from introverts themselves, just tap in “introverts” in your favorite Internet search engine or the YouTube search bar. It seems that many of us introverts simply cannot shut up … Continue reading

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I was quite a shy boy throughout my school years, so I didn’t know that classmates believed I was stuck up and aloof until I reached twelfth grade. The realization triggered a life-long exploration of self-improvement and personal development. To … Continue reading

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One of the several stray cats that populate the neighborhood has been stalking me. It’s an unremarkable grey tabby with average coloration and markings. Regardless of whatever outdoors chore I’m doing, the cat is usually within visual range. While crossing … Continue reading

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Toot Your Own Horn

One of my first bosses in broadcasting was the owner, general manager, and head salesman of the company. He loved self-promotion. It seemed like Gary (not his actual name) engaged in it at every opportunity at least every day. I … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold Back

Two of the biggest drawbacks to being shy are holding back and not being assertive. I was a painfully shy boy. Climbing out of the prison of shyness has been a lifelong process of not wanting to hold back on … Continue reading

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Introverts’ Week

If your personality has strong elements of introversion you may already have known this has been National Introverts’ Week. Being an introvert used to be something that introverts have been in the closets about. However, during the past few years, … Continue reading

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Intimacy Deficit

How often do you think about your deeper feelings?¬† Do you contemplate such issues as compassion, love and intimacy?¬† Do you do this often or only when some sort of crisis occurs in your life?¬†Thoughts about these topics sometimes reveal … Continue reading

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