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The cooler temperatures of September in Nebraska bring about a particular silence around the house. At night, I no longer need to use an electric table fan to circulate air in the bedroom. The HVAC doesn’t cycle to air conditioning … Continue reading

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Contemplating Silence

When it gets down to brass tacks, I’m a very laid-back lone wolf. I like to spend winter evenings in my old, Canadian manufactured, glider-rocker with my feet propped up on its coordinated glider-ottoman. I might have a philosophical book … Continue reading

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“I do not mind someone talking to me, as long as they do not mind me not listening or talking to them.”–― Mokokoma Mokhonoana At first glance, Mokhonoana’s statement seems a bit off. It seems to be counter to all … Continue reading

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So Loud!

Clouds, drizzle, and fog shrouded the afternoon sky and enhanced my drowsiness. I decided to settle into my favorite living room chair to chill out. I daydreamed of floating through clouds while stretching my arms to form childish wings. I … Continue reading

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Thoughts In Silence

A light fog had enveloped the neighborhood. There were cones of bluish light beneath the LED streetlights along the street. Within this vapor, every sound was muffled. There is a certain quality of silence with foggy air. When the fog … Continue reading

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Silence Number Nine

I claim artistic or literary license when choosing the title for today’s ramble. I’ve pondered the topic of silence many times on this blog so this might be at least the ninth time doing so. Plus, I like the backhanded … Continue reading

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Not Very Noisy

I don’t know if this is true in your neck of the woods, but I’ve noticed that my neighborhood has been eerily silent lately. Under regular circumstances, this lack of ambient neighborhood noise would be a happy development for which … Continue reading

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