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To Snack

Dad kept a fire extinguisher nearby whenever my step-mom, Tippy prepared her special potstickers. If you watched Tippy’s method, you’d understand why. She mixed a couple of handfuls of finely shredded cabbage, another handful of finely shredded protein such as … Continue reading

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To Eat

Eating and I have a complicated relationship. On one hand, I enjoy tasty, wholesome food. On the other hand, I also enjoy tempting, unwholesome food. I know, intellectually that wholesome food is the smart choice, and that it is actually … Continue reading

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Happy Refreshments Day

I’m finally taking a short writing break of a couple of days to allow for a creative rest. After all, I’ve been posting blog entries, every single day since the summer of 2010. Most of them have been on WordPress … Continue reading

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