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Save Your Photos

September has been “Save Your Photos Month”, so I’ve been going through my digital storage media and the physical systems used to store snapshots and more serious photographs. I’ve come to distrust thumb drives and most disc-based storage media; however, … Continue reading

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Snapshots As Flashback Triggers

The personal paper and emulsion snapshots we have tucked away in albums can be thought of as a type of folk art. Whether other people believe this is true or not, the pictures can certainly trigger memories of times and events … Continue reading

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Here Are Some Snapshots Today

Most people of a certain age and older have some sort of boxes filled with old snapshots that were never mounted into photo albums or were in older albums but were removed for one reason or another. The box might contain … Continue reading

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What Do We Forget?

My friend Craig expressed his frustration at our nation’s and our world’s forgetfulness of historical lessons.  He went on by wondering how we collectively and sometimes conveniently forget major events like wars and civil rights struggles. Why do we not … Continue reading

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