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Haven’t most of us spent a great deal of time trying to be socially acceptable? Trying to fit in is a big part of being social creatures. We must “fit in” in order to survive in our culture. If a … Continue reading

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“Adagio in G minor for violin, strings, and organ continuo” supposedly composed by Tomaso Albinoni has made a come-back into my frequently played personal playlist. Reappearances of this piece happen every ten-years or so. “Albinoni’s Adagio” is one of the … Continue reading

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Crows seem to display considerable amounts of care for each other. Some bird studies have observed the birds show a great deal of care for others of their species. In mating, they are monogamous, there is long-term parent-offspring bonding, they … Continue reading

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In this age of bluntness, coarseness, and naked rudeness, there is a virtue that I think is sorely missing from our daily lives. That is the public practice of grace. I’m not thinking of the state of blessing that religious … Continue reading

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One of the most insidious symptoms of a petty mind is bullying. In childhood, we have the classic case of bigger kids or more popular children bullying their peers because of some type of difference. In adulthood, the petty, bullying … Continue reading

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When a person sincerely loves other people, one never truly thinks of duty or responsibility.  Duty and responsibility have been put in place to offset thoughtlessness. When a person strictly conforms to doctrine, economic theory, the “party line”, or social … Continue reading

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My early mornings are spent in silence.  Unlike many people, I do not turn on the television or radio to “catch up” on the news or sports or gossip.  During severe weather, I may flip on the weather radio for … Continue reading

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