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So Loud!

Clouds, drizzle, and fog shrouded the afternoon sky and enhanced my drowsiness. I decided to settle into my favorite living room chair to chill out. I daydreamed of floating through clouds while stretching my arms to form childish wings. I … Continue reading

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So Noisy!

It’s one thing to have a lead-foot on the accelerator, but to have a car that sounds like it is struggling when doing so, is just annoying. The new neighbor down the street has a jazzed up Ford Mustang. He … Continue reading

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Hearing Noises

Just a few moments ago the furnace cycled off then a second later there was a “boom” noise. It was the sound of the sheet metal ductwork returning to its resting shape. Over the past few years, the combination of … Continue reading

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What is the difference between sound and noise? Have you ever pondered this question? During formal meditation yesterday, it entered my mind. Sound is the overall term for auditory phenomenon. Something occurs to generate mechanical waves of pressure and┬ádispersement through … Continue reading

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