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The Soviet Manned Space Program (Review)

I like to browse the used book shelves at the local Goodwill Store.  Most days, I come across mostly old cookbooks, religious titles, novels that never made any top ten lists, and coffee table books.  Once in awhile, I do … Continue reading

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Luna 24

August 22, 1976 is thought of as the true conclusion of the first Moon Race. It was also the last gasp of the Soviet Union’s lunar program, and the final soft landing on the Moon by any nation in the … Continue reading

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The First Woman In Space

I can almost visualize the scene in Red Square in Moscow back in the spring of 1963. A crowd of thousands of women enthusiastically celebrating the arrival of the first woman into orbit around the Earth. A year before this … Continue reading

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Ivan Ivanovich In Space

I was puzzled slightly as to why the Soviet Union used the name “Ivan Ivanovich” given to the mannequin they placed into orbit in the Vostok Spacecraft missions.  One of my friends claimed that Ivan Ivanovich, used in a Russian context, is … Continue reading

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