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One Big Dysfunctional Family

I spent about an hour viewing video clips about the James Webb Space Telescope and the International Space Station yesterday. I marveled at the breathtaking discoveries that have been revealed during the short span of my life. In addition, there … Continue reading

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Happy Space Exploration Day

I think today should be celebrated in the same manner that the US celebrates Columbus Day. Perhaps it should even supplant Columbus Day. But, that’s just my opinion. Throughout the Americas, Columbus Day commemorates the anniversary of Columbus’ landing in … Continue reading

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Luna 24

August 22, 1976 is thought of as the true conclusion of the first Moon Race. It was also the last gasp of the Soviet Union’s lunar program, and the final soft landing on the Moon by any nation in the … Continue reading

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Albert II

Albert II was not a king of a nation nor an emperor of a vast reign.  Albert II was one of four small monkeys that were used as experimental subjects in very early rocket experiments.  Albert II was the first … Continue reading

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A Sputnik State Of Mind

57 years ago from today, October 4, 1957 at 10:28:34 PM Moscow Time, a specially modified Soviet R-7 rocket loaded with the PS-1 object left the launching pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. As the small payload was completing its first orbit around the … Continue reading

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Mars Up Close (Review)

As Autumn settles into Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, I find myself wanting to spend more quality time doing some armchair exploration, but not so much by the glow of a digital screen.   One of the best ways to do that is with a … Continue reading

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Luna III

The late 1950s witnessed space exploration superiority by the Soviet Union.  Famously, the first orbital manmade satellite achieved orbit in October of 1957 when Sputnik One made history. A month later, Sputnik Two orbited the Earth with the first animal … Continue reading

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