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Being Alone

While I wrote about the Apollo 17 mission the other day, I thought about command pilot Ronald Evans, the astronaut who was left behind in lunar orbit while his partners decended to the surface of the Moon.  Evans spent about … Continue reading

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Life Is Like A Rocket Ship

I overheard the refrain of a song blasting from a neighbor’s car parked in front of my house.  The part that stuck in my head said, “Like a rocket ship in the galaxy, We were back where we belong.” I asked my … Continue reading

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New Horizons

There are times when I wish I had the talent for mathematics. I could hardly make heads or tails of the subject while I was in grade school.  It wasn’t until I took some refresher courses at the local community … Continue reading

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Only One Planet

Since childhood, I inherited the trait of packratism.  Stuff has accumulated in the form of collections.  I have plenty of collections, some are nifty and others make me wonder what I was thinking at the time I started the collection. … Continue reading

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