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Hello Dali

If there is any one person who we immediately associate with the phrase, “Think outside of the box”, he is Salvador Dalí.  Most of us know his famous paintings with drooping clock faces and other distorted images. We think of Dalí … Continue reading

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The Villasur Massacre

Accounts of momentous historical events that took place when the area encompassing the present State of Nebraska was claimed by Spain are few and far between.  However there have been sketchy tales about an inauspicious battle about 50 odd miles … Continue reading

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Día de la Independencia de Venezuela

When you hear the name, “Venezuela”, do you think of Venice?   During a 1499 expedition led by Spanish Conquistador Alonso de Ojeda, his party discovered coastal villages with houses built on stilts. The navigator, Amerigo Vespucci, was reminded of the … Continue reading

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Día de Artigas

Most of the World’s people know very little about Uruguay, where to find it on a map, how to spell or pronounce the name, let alone the history of that nation.  Uruguay is in the southeastern part of South America.  … Continue reading

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Our America (Review)

I’ve noticed several new “histories” appearing on the shelves at the public library the past few months.  This presents a bit of a happy quandry for me, though.  Which ones do I read sooner rather than later?   The answer came … Continue reading

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Viva México

Virreinato de Nueva España (The Viceroyalty of New Spain) was officially founded in 1535 CE under the auspices of the Spanish empire. The American territory included a good portion of North America, south of Canada then south to the border … Continue reading

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Louisiana Purchase

The land area of the United States was effectively doubled 209 years ago, today.  Napoleon Bonaparte’s representative François Barbé-Marbois along with Americans Robert Livingston and James Monroe, representing President Thomas Jefferson, signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty. Because the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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