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Filter With Cubes …Floral Friday

Today’s projects were inspired by my friend Parker’s wild-hair suggestion. He watched as I changed the air filter in the HVAC unit in my basement. Parker grabbed an extra filter and wondered if it would make a cool backdrop to … Continue reading

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Fun With Closeups

A couple of weeks ago, Northeast Nebraskans celebrated Labor Day weekend under overcast, rainy conditions. This largely put the kibosh on fun, outdoor activities. I leaned back in the easy chair in the living room after grabbing my camera to … Continue reading

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National Photograph Month

As I looked over the calendar page for this brand-new month, “National Photograph Month” was printed at the top.  I reflected that humans have probably never been involved in photography to this extent as now.  Every day, I see selfies … Continue reading

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Fancy Things …Floral Friday

I’ve been very fortunate to come across several attractive collectable items recently.  Before I put them on shelves or otherwise displayed them, I decided to compose some still-life photographs of them. The decoupaged vase featuring two girls in a classic … Continue reading

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