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It seems that physical and mental endurance are on sliding scales that vary in contrasting ways as we age. I reflected upon this question while shoveling some snow off of the driveway. When I was much younger, snow scooping tasks … Continue reading

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Keep On Keeping On

We are living under highly unusual circumstances these days. This environment can leave us feeling down and out. It’s easy to begin doubting ourselves and our ability to spring back from adversity. At times, it seems as if we’re being … Continue reading

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Jorge watched me get ready to prepare coffee in the French press. As I added dark roast beans to the electric grinder, my friend asked me to add a few more because he craved extra caffeine. I also ran the … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Integrity

Today’s commentary will be an act of walking on eggshells and being careful to not be too judgmental. This is made trickier due to the amount of criminality and lack of character that takes place in full view of the … Continue reading

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Gently Strong

The bottle of store brand analgesic pills touts “Gentle Strength” on its label. This claim stands apart from the rest of the other pain remedies on the market that claim “Extra Strength”. The idea of treating my back pain with … Continue reading

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Thinking About Potential

Ever since its upgrade ten years ago, my old Kinetic wristwatch requires more physical motion to recharge.  Seiko originally manufactured the thing with a slow discharge capacitor to store the electricity needed to run the watch.  I was later advised … Continue reading

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