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Our world is a stage where chaotic drama unfolds each day. To remain sane in this environment requires that we accept this reality and that we become assertive in our efforts to control whatever chaos we encounter. In other words, … Continue reading

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To Endure

I recently received notification that WordPress has been publishing this daily blog for eleven years. Add to this, more than another year on the Yahoo! blogging platform, and we have about a dozen years for bluejayblog’s existence. I mentioned this … Continue reading

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Diligent Yet Free

“I have tasted freedom. I will not give up that which I have tasted.”–LGBT activist, Harvey Milk Have you noticed certain people love their freedom so much that they actively try to suppress the liberty of others? On the other … Continue reading

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If we’re so fortunate to have attained a reasonable level of happiness and success, it is probable that we will be challenged by some people who are envious or feel threatened by us. We worked our rear-ends off to get … Continue reading

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Halfway Through

There’s a large calendar in my house that enumerates each day and how many days remain in the year. Today, the numbers are 183/183. We’re halfway through 2020 already. In some ways, the year has crept slowly away; in other … Continue reading

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While sweeping the kitchen floor yesterday, my monkey-mind brought the concept of struggle to my consciousness. Such is the nature of the mind–random thoughts and chatter goes on constantly. This proclivity is quite noticeable to people who meditate. Concentration can … Continue reading

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I have a nagging memory from my youth that always triggers a passionate feeling of nostalgia. My younger brother and I were together, just the two of us, on a road trip as close as we could drive along the … Continue reading

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