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A few thoughts About Obstinacy

Grandma J sometimes had to remind me not to allow my redheaded temper to become stubbornness. Looking back, I don’t believe I had more boyhood temper-tantrums than my young non-ginger haired peers. In hindsight, it seems that many of my … Continue reading

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Opinion Revision

“No well-informed person has declared a change of opinion to be inconstancy.”–Marcus Tullius Cicero One of my history teachers said something to the effect that people who choose not to evaluate their opinions may simply be pigheaded. He also admitted … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know

One of my school chums could never say, “I don’t know”. If one of my friends┬ácornered him on a fabricated answer, he only became more defensive. Gary was actually a pretty intelligent guy. He went on to graduate school and … Continue reading

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