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Might Be Possible

“If you could do anything at all, and money was no object, what would you do tomorrow?” My young friend, Jonathan was pushing at my boundaries again. “I want to board a rocket and live on the International Space Station for … Continue reading

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What Is Success?

“Whenever you sit down with your boss, you should have paper and pen handy for note-taking.” That was one of the first nuggets of advice my old boss gave me after we were introduced to each other. Hence, I usually … Continue reading

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It’s difficult to trust someone who claims they never fail. This is because everyone fails at something at some period in their lives. Visualize babies. They repeatedly fail as they grow and develop. Babies are not afraid to fail because … Continue reading

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Success Without Striving

Lewis is one of those rare, lucky people who attained a successful life without striving. This is not to say that my friend is lazy or passive. Lewis was granted an harmonious opportunity when he was young and merged with … Continue reading

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My Cheerful Young Friend

My young friend Alfredo is one of the most optimistic people I know. He is the son of Mexican immigrants and has gone through the hardships many people of that background have also suffered. At first glance he looks like … Continue reading

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It seems like we humans are never happy with simply being. We often strive towards becoming someone or something else. If we’re unhappy we try to become happy. If we think we’re ugly we want to become beautiful. If we’re … Continue reading

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So Encouraging

We did not become who we are without the inspiration and support of others.  That’s quite a claim, isn’t it?  Think about the people who showed confidence in our abilities and inspired us with hope. There are those who stimulated … Continue reading

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