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“The unlucky believes he has been overlooked by fortune and fate.”–anonymous The above quote seems to articulate how people feel when we don’t quite reach the epitome of public acclaim or when we fall just shy of our goals. The … Continue reading

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Many of us understand deeply the state of isolation because we’ve experienced it in some form for a certain length of time. For the purposes of this short ramble I’m referring to isolation in the context of its harmful effects … Continue reading

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A large scrap of packaging tissue paper had become wedged into some thorny bushes at the western edge of my property just within arm’s reach past an old wooden barrier. It had been forced into the shrubbery by gusty northeasterly … Continue reading

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The body was feverish. The throat felt parched. Perspiration drenched the face, stung the eyes and smeared my eyeglasses. The absence of even the slightest of breezes brought out my worst feelings of aversion about┬ásummertime. It was time to take … Continue reading

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Make Life Beautiful

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”–Friedrich Nietzsche The Nietzsche quote is striking simply because he wrote it. This highly intelligent and very intellectual philosopher, poet, composer, and philologist lived a dark life. He observed his … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Healing

I noticed my throat felt slightly raspy last night. Of course, Covid 19 immediately came to mind. I learned hypochondria from my parents so I interpret physical symptoms to mean dire consequences by default. I’m mindful of the suffering mom, … Continue reading

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The Dog Days Are Here Again

Summer weather brings out my inner cynic. I want to believe that I’m a cynic in the Classical Greek way, that virtue is the only way to achieve a life of value. Then, on second thought, such thinking leads to … Continue reading

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