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In August

August–the month of heat-stroke and falling stars. Those are the first two thoughts about this month that come immediately to mind. August is a month that I both dread and appreciate. I suffered my first bout of heat-stroke one August … Continue reading

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Dog Days Of Summer

The easy availability of weather-related channels on the Web has changed the way I view the four seasons–particularly the summertime. I’ve been regularly viewing a YouTube channel called “Direct Weather”. The young man who hosts the videos does a good … Continue reading

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This morning, a glance at the calendar verified that today is the First Day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s also when a verse from George Gershwin’s “Summertime” started repeating in my head. “Summertime, And the livin’ is easy … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Dog Days, is an odd term isn’t it?  When I was a young boy, I wondered why there were Dog Days, but no Cat Days.  I was so troubled by the question that I decided to write to President Kennedy … Continue reading

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Late June Projects …Floral Friday

The year will be half over in only a few days, so it’s time to take care of some projects I planned earlier.  I’d brought a few containers to the front of my supply shelf to prioritize them.  The plan … Continue reading

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Heat And Humidity

There are many days in late spring and well into summer that I have thought to create a shrine to Willis Carrier.  The Mr. Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning.  I think a handsome portrait of Mr. Carrier in … Continue reading

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