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Two Sunny Memories

“Keep your face towards sunshine and it will get terribly burnt.” Sometime during my teens, I twisted the famous Walt Whitman saying about sunshine and how shadows will fall behind you, because sunburn has been a worry since early childhood. … Continue reading

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Happy May Ray Day

As long as I can remember, I have not been a lover of the outdoors. It’s not that I dislike the great outdoors. I love to visit our national and state parks. I even like to walk the local hiking … Continue reading

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Prevent Melanoma

Three of my friends have experienced concern about suspicious moles or some sort of pre-cancerous spots on their skin. I’ve been fortunate in avoiding the same conditions even though I have “fair” skin. There is cause for concern because melanoma … Continue reading

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We fair-haired or fair-skinned folks have learned to be cautious in our dealings with outdoor activities.  The Sun is both our friend and our foe.  We learned, sometimes the physically painful way, to protect ourselves from solar radiation. Exercising caution … Continue reading

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