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Thinking About Integrity

Back when I was still troublingly addicted to self-help books I encountered one that offered a “new” approach that resonated with my goal of self-discovery. Dr. Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty had just been published in 1995; and I checked out … Continue reading

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A Pillow On Your Refrigerator

Supposedly placing a pillow on top of your refrigerator today will bring good luck to your family for a year. My friend José emailed me with this little tidbit as a little joke saying I should try it.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Open An Umbrella Indoors

One of the most enduring superstitions we have is the opening of an umbrella indoors belief. Many people still believe that if an umbrella is opened inside of a building bad luck will be the result. This belief is thought … Continue reading

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The Nights The Stars Fell

I’ve always thought the term “meteor shower” is a gross exaggeration of what actually happens. When we go outdoors on the night of a predicted meteor shower, we crane our necks and scan the sky to see more meteors than … Continue reading

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