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Pondering Batteries

During the last Arctic cold wave, the outdoor sensor for the weather monitor on my desk died. After the 60-miles-an-hour winds subsided, I disconnected the sensor from the outdoor mounting bracket and brought it inside the house. After cleaning dust, … Continue reading

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Can Our Minds Be Hijacked?

Jorge asked an intriguing and somewhat scary question yesterday. Have our minds been hijacked? I fired back by saying, “Possibly.”  I continued my response by saying this is a question I’ve asked myself many times in the past, because we … Continue reading

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The Electrifying Fall Of Rainbow City (Review)

The early world expositions are fascinating studies by themselves. The expos exemplified the dreams and ideals of high-minded, progressive people of their times.  Some of the fairs became parts of history that were completely unanticipated by their organizers.  It was … Continue reading

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A couple of minor incidents, this week, caused me to think about obsolescence and how it impacts people. While shopping for some craft supplies at the local Menards store, I made an impulse purchase of a Bell and Howell “Tac” … Continue reading

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How We Got To Now (Review)

I may need to update my antenna and start to watch teevee again.  Well, only so I can begin to view “How We Got To Now” on PBS. Steven Johnson is the latest writer I’ve encountered who is connected to … Continue reading

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The End Of Absence (Review)

I slid the book out of the shelf at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library and immediately felt a connection. I had a feeling that The End Of Absence–Reclaiming What We’ve Lost In A World Of Constant Connection by Michael Harris would validate some of … Continue reading

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The Fate Of The Species

Is the human race on the brink of extinction or will we survive by a stroke of luck and skill?  If you want to get beyond the politically correct talking points that plague the discussion, my latest read will be … Continue reading

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