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One of the science teachers at Irving Junior High in Lincoln, Nebraska liked to remind us seventh graders at the time, to never stop learning and to live one’s life with intellectual curiosity, humility, and gratitude. His “hypothesis of happiness” … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Way back in time, before Thanksgiving became football day and the prelude to “Black Friday”, I remember the holiday as feeling distinct and meaningful for its own sake. Our family usually participated in a “triad” of venues for celebrating the major … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” Henry David Thoreau In the United States, today is the official holiday set aside for gratitude and togetherness. Just let that sink in for a moment. Every … Continue reading

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A Holiday For Gratitude

I think that it’s fitting that the calendar placement of Thanksgiving is before the rest of our traditional holidays. I’m glad we don’t cram Thanksgiving into one of the days between Christmas and New Years Day. Carefully contemplating gratitude and enjoying what we … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Is Also A Day Of Mourning

One of my friend Jorge’s coworkers is a First Nations citizen in Colorado. Last year, she told me that her family does not celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  They have a moment of silence and remember the very first Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2013

Many of us have been thinking about appreciation and gratitude as we came upon the Thanksgiving season.  Of course, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the U.S., today. To at least a few of us, Thanksgiving is more than … Continue reading

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Canadian Thanksgiving

I’m thinking of my friends in Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon and Vancouver today as they celebrate a very special holiday.   It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  I know I’m fortunate to know so many kind people, and many of them happen to … Continue reading

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