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Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. A day that has been reserved for meditation upon and reflection of the horrific events leading up to and culminating in the genocide that murdered millions of Jews and others in systematic cruelty. Under the … Continue reading

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Remembering The Holocaust

In the presence of oppression and tyranny, by not speaking out, we lose our innocence and morality. At no time in history was this statement more true than during the nightmare of the Holocaust. “The sad and horrible conclusion is … Continue reading

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”–George Santayana. The philosopher could well have added that there are those who use history as their play-book. Through officialdom’s winks and nods, the extreme acts of vandalism and arson … Continue reading

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Why? Explaining The Holocaust (Review)

When I first noticed Dr. Peter Hayes’ new book displayed on the shelf, I thought, “How come yet another book about the Holocaust?”  Yet, the title caused me to pick it up and to bring it home, anyway. At the beginning … Continue reading

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Hitler’s First Victims (Review)

I’ve often heard people ask one rhetorical question about the Holocaust in particular. How could such a thing happen in a modern, industrialized European nation?  It’s not as if the citizens were unaware of it, as some people have posited.   … Continue reading

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On Holocaust Remembrance Day

70 years ago, today, troops of the Soviet First Ukrainian Front approached the gates of Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camps.  Red Army personnel remember the weary gratitude of the inmates when they met.  Later, the official Soviet Press did not stress the … Continue reading

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