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My current challenges seem like a walk in the park if I compare them to those of other people and what humanity as a whole are facing. When I make this comparison, my challenges seem a bit easier to process. … Continue reading

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To Think

Shortly after booting up the laptop this morning, its software began a “critical update”. This was unusual and unexpected, so my mind was thrown for a loop. My morning routine had been interrupted. My thoughts had been shifted away from … Continue reading

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Mind The Mind

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”–Thomas Hobbes The old Hobbes quote is one that pops up in my mind from time to time. This occurred this morning while observing “Orange” the cat who visits my doorstep nearly every day. … Continue reading

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I like the sound and appearance of the word “cogitating”. It has an old-fashioned, down-home vibe. “Cogitating” is used frequently by my elder friend Charlie. Charlie is in his mid-80s but looks like he’s perhaps 60 or so. He’s a … Continue reading

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Ruminating Or Worrying?

Dad’s worrying was a microcosm of humanity’s thinking. He knew that I was aware of his habit of worrying. He was fond of saying that he didn’t actually worry, he ruminated. Just the act of writing those sentences is to … Continue reading

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Jorge is having one of his pounding headaches so he is reclining in my easy-chair with his eyes closed waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. I feel thankful that he considers this little house to be a safe oasis … Continue reading

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Ideas About Ideas

You’re in the midst of the dangerous task of driving your vehicle down the highway when a brilliant solution to a problem at work pops into your head. It’s such an amazing thing that you wonder why you’ve never thought … Continue reading

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