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Thrift Store Day

I’ve been packing boxes with “gently used” stuff that has been accumlating around the house. I’ll place them in the car and bring them to a couple of thrift stores. I divide them between an independent and Goodwill. The independent … Continue reading

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Thrifting Time

A few dozen local thrifters and I are in first name acquaintanceships with most employees at our local thrift stores. We form an informal clique that shares stories about our “hunting finds” and tips with each other. We laughingly admit … Continue reading

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Second-Hand Wardrobe

It’s time to celebrate yet another unofficial holiday that many folks like me appreciate: Second-hand Wardrobe Day. One of my not so guilty pleasures is to troll second-hand shops and thrift stores. Perhaps the pleasure is a sublimation of my … Continue reading

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On Generosity

Last month, during Veterans’ Day, an old ¬†Army Veteran was selling simple “poppies” near the front entrance of the supermarket. So, I gave him a few bucks and he gave me one of the little paper flowers. I wrapped the … Continue reading

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Questionable Generosity

“Shouldn’t generosity be handled like prayer in that a person shouldn’t make a big public show of doing it?” asked my friend Rick. Our pal Jonathan replied, “I think the passage goes something like, ‘Do not be like the hypocrites. … Continue reading

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Reuse Day

It’s been a busy year of going places, enjoying activities, and accumulating stuff. Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about what to do about the extra stuff. I’m all about … Continue reading

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Goodwill Industries Week

Like most folks, I like a good bargain. Plus, I like recycling stuff. Those are reasons I donate to and shop at thrift stores. In Norfolk, Nebraska, the one I like best is the Goodwill Store. The brand name is … Continue reading

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