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Three Trios …Floral Friday

Three spiky seed pods mounted on wire stems brushed against my left hand while I searched for some greenery to use on several projects. They had been forgotten but their prickly presence gave me an idea. It would be fun … Continue reading

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Tres Tríos …Floral Friday

You might say today’s Floral Friday projects are three on three, or are three projects with trios as the overall theme. Although the number three is an odd number, in physical form, it’s sturdy and stable. Think of a three-legged … Continue reading

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Threes …Floral Friday

Pythagoreans said that the number three is the first true number because it is the first number that forms a geometrical figure. In their minds, the triangle symbolized harmony, wisdom, and understanding. Three is significant in many cultures.  For example, … Continue reading

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