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One of the best pieces of advice ever shared with me came from a centenarian friend who passed away a few years ago. Anton told me to trust myself and not rely upon authority figures–even those with whose policies and … Continue reading

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Storms were forecast to occur early in the morning after 3:00. However, the storm front arrived an hour earlier and caused quite a ruckus. I tried curling up in bed to block out the flashes and rumbling, but I only … Continue reading

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The Marble

Old school personal development personality Earl Nightingale once told a story about a glass marble. Nightingale related how he had been hogging the conversation with a friend. He eventually noticed the friend was looking over Nightingale’s shoulder seemingly bored. He … Continue reading

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To Trust

One of the most valuable assets we can ever possess is trust. It can take many months and years to deserve it and one should be discerning when giving it to others. Although genuine trust requires plenty of time to … Continue reading

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Sincere And Truthful

I miss a couple of the customary salutations of personal paper and ink letters–“Sincerely” and “Sincerely yours”. We rarely, if ever, use these expressions in emails or other forms of Internet communication. The use of “sincerely” at the end of … Continue reading

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Knowing People

We meet and become acquainted with people. They make us laugh and cry. Some mesh with us on our level while others pretend to try. Some say “hello” some say “goodbye”. People appear and disappear before they die. Two or … Continue reading

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At first, I attributed the theft of some documents from my desk drawer as an act triggered by envy. After all, whoever took the documents also stole the new name badge that was printed with my name and job title–“Public … Continue reading

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