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One of the best pieces of advice ever shared with me came from a centenarian friend who passed away a few years ago. Anton told me to trust myself and not rely upon authority figures–even those with whose policies and … Continue reading

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Sincere And Truthful

I miss a couple of the customary salutations of personal paper and ink letters–“Sincerely” and “Sincerely yours”. We rarely, if ever, use these expressions in emails or other forms of Internet communication. The use of “sincerely” at the end of … Continue reading

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Love A Mensch

Our culture has superheroes who have attributes and qualities that are realistically unattainable. On the other hand, there are other characters who possess such attributes and qualities as honor, integrity, charity, and friendliness, that are attainable. Such down to Earth, … Continue reading

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Thinking About Trust

While seated on the window bench of my sister’s house, yesterday, I watched the family cat, “Random Kitty”. He was stretched out, reclining on top of my feet.  I’m guessing that Random does this to prevent me from leaving him.  … Continue reading

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