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Understanding Oneself

It’s easy for us to superficially evaluate people we know very little about. We may have little or no understanding of what someone is saying or writing but we do not hesitate in appointing ourselves as her or his judges. If … Continue reading

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Mechanical Sympathy

I always put on and remove my wristwatch by holding my arm over upholstered furniture like my bed. This came about several years ago when I fumbled with the strap on my favorite watch and dropped it on the floor. … Continue reading

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Schultz observed the conversation between Andy and me last Thursday. First he looked at Andy as my friend spoke, then Schultz watched me as I spoke. Schultz is Andy’s German Shepherd. I commented on Schultz’s behavior because I have rarely … Continue reading

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Isn’t it satisfying when the answer to a puzzling situation occurs to you? You are just going about your normal daily routine, when the solution to a problem just pops into your brain. Frequently, the realization provides closure to some … Continue reading

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We Need More Mensches

While sitting in a waiting room at the local hospital this week, I happened to overhear bits and pieces of a conversation. It’s not that I tried to eavesdrop, the fact is, the two people were talking very loud.  One … Continue reading

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Feeling Sonder

Jorge and I finally found time to belatedly celebrate his birthday together.  His trucking route had been temporarily changed due to the vacation of one of his coworkers.  We were both eager to pick up from where we had left … Continue reading

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Careful Hearing

Earl Nightingale briefly mentioned a mental attitude that he dubbed “emotional deafness”.  The statement was made during a compilation talk I found on an old audio cassette that Jorge loaned me.  The two-tape set was titled “Interpersonal Communication and Relationships”, … Continue reading

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