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Knowing People

There’s something unbalanced about having many strangers knowing your face and voice. The public’s one-sided relationship remains somewhat unsettling when complete strangers walk up to you and begin conversing like you’re old friends. Some people believe they know you better … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Insight

High school algebra class was a daily 50-minute torture session that yielded little if any inspiration. Meantime, a few classrooms away was the art studio. There was a sense of boundless freedom about the studio that allowed me to unleash … Continue reading

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Understanding Oneself

It’s easy for us to superficially evaluate people we know very¬†little about. We may have little or no understanding of what someone is saying or writing but we do not hesitate in appointing ourselves as her or his judges. If … Continue reading

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Mechanical Sympathy

I always put on and remove my wristwatch by holding my arm over upholstered furniture like my bed. This came about several years ago when I fumbled with the strap on my favorite watch and dropped it on the floor. … Continue reading

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Schultz observed the conversation between Andy and me last Thursday. First he looked at Andy as my friend spoke, then Schultz watched me as I spoke. Schultz is Andy’s German Shepherd. I commented on Schultz’s behavior because I have rarely … Continue reading

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Isn’t it satisfying when the answer to a puzzling situation occurs to you? You are just going about your normal daily routine, when the solution to a problem just pops into your brain. Frequently, the realization provides closure to some … Continue reading

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We Need More Mensches

While sitting in a waiting room at the local hospital this week, I happened to overhear bits and pieces of a conversation. It’s not that I tried to eavesdrop, the fact is, the two people were talking very loud.¬† One … Continue reading

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