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End Crimes Against Journalists

Last year, UNESCO reported that a mere eight-percent of the  legal cases involving the murders of journalists have been resolved. This statistic does not include the larger number of journalists who suffer from non-fatal injuries each day. Those regimes and … Continue reading

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Our Monuments And Sites

We have been rightfully shocked by the destruction of ancient and historic monuments by ISIS.  News reports from the Middle East have reported the terrorist group destroyed Assyrian statues and artifacts some 3,000 years old. The group imperils all the … Continue reading

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Day For Tolerance

When you pause your regular daily routine and your ever-present mental chatter to deeply observe what goes on around you, the wide diversity of your community might surprise you.  Sometimes, I like to purposely do this personal exercise as a … Continue reading

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International Day Of Friendship

If there’s one positive take-away from my youth I always want to keep, its the exposure to people from other countries. This has been a constant throughout my life.  It began with the Foreign Exchange Student who stayed with our … Continue reading

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Equinox Earth Day

One of the nifty things about Earth Day, is that there are two of them.  I like to celebrate both.  Today is the first Earth Day of the year, Equinox Earth Day, or some folks call it Equinoctial Earth Day.  … Continue reading

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Abolish Slavery

The desire to deprive other people of their civil rights and freedoms has been present in human society since time immemorial.  The most barbaric form of civil and freedom deprivation is slavery.  Most of us have assumed that this inhumane … Continue reading

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World Wetlands Day

Do I need to mention that we cannot exist without potable water?  How about the fact that every living thing we value and need in order for us to thrive depends upon unpolluted waters? One factor in the planet’s water … Continue reading

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