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Thank Goodness It’s Monday

I can almost hear the groans after people read the title of today’s blog post. The title isn’t mainly a lame attempt to be contrarian. It’s intended to cause a small paradigm shift in our thinking. As a society, we’re … Continue reading

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Happiness Happens

If only I could own a quaint home with a white picket fence and have a brand new car in the driveway, I’d be happy forever. How many of us have similar wishes? Maybe the dream is for a mansion … Continue reading

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What About Happiness?

While waiting in line at the local convenience store to pay for my gasoline I heard the old Tears For Fears song “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”.  It’s one of those tunes I rather enjoy hearing now and then. … Continue reading

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Are Singles Less Happy Than Partnered People?

Jorge looked over my shoulder as I shared a new Russian car crash, dash cam video from YouTube.  When the video ended, I scrolled down the page of options.  I paused at the “Watch it again” row. It was mostly full … Continue reading

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

My old friend, Andy stopped by the house for a few hours yesterday to touch base.  He’s on the return leg of a car trip from his home in Toronto to visit the western US states, then back home, eventually … Continue reading

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Unofficial Boxing Day In The U.S.

The holiday called Boxing Day appears on some of our calendars in the United States, but is only officially celebrated in Canada, the UK, and much of the rest of the old British Commonwealth.  I’ve covered Boxing Day in an … Continue reading

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Pact With The Devil

About a dozen years ago a friend landed a job in Toronto. He decided to sell and give away nearly all of his possessions.  He gave me a large box of books and a handful of cassette tapes.  One of … Continue reading

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