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“The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.”–Albert Schweitzer It appears that nearly every advancement in civilized society has been adopted through social solidarity. In fact, it is difficult to achieve … Continue reading

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Save The Earth

“The campsite rule: Leave the campsite in better condition than you found it.” If you were in Boy or Girl Scouts, the campsite rule was one of the basic lessons you learned. It’s simple to mentally grasp and requires just … Continue reading

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Traffic Victims Remembrance Day

One day, during the noon hour, my friend Wayne was “bumped” by a car as he walked across a downtown street. The driver hadn’t noticed Wayne until it was too late to avoid knocking him down. My friend was transported … Continue reading

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The Good Life

One of my acquaintances collects jewelry, really fine quality jewelry. Her hobby is one that can only be pursued by people of comfortable means. Her husband inherited great wealth and she sells real estate. By any common standard the couple … Continue reading

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Focus On Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is 69 years old as of this month. It seems like it’s time to resurrect the spirit and driving energy of that ground-breaking document. In the summer of 1946 the UN’s new commission laid … Continue reading

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End Crimes Against Journalists

Last year, UNESCO reported that a mere eight-percent of the ¬†legal cases involving the murders of journalists have been resolved. This statistic does not include the larger number of journalists who suffer from non-fatal injuries each day. Those regimes and … Continue reading

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Russian Language Day

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m making an effort to learn how to speak and write Russian.¬† This is a long-term project that took a back seat when news of Russia-gate heated up and word of the Chechnya … Continue reading

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