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Human Solidarity Day

The US and the world are divided to a greater extent these days than I can personally remember.  It appears to be a split between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.  The “haves” include those who we consider as possessing an … Continue reading

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Food Day Is Today

You might be eating something or thinking about eating something as you read this on your device.  In developed countries, access to food is taken for granted.  While we might be concerned about what we’re going to eat today, more … Continue reading

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Anti-Corruption Day

I had just changed some of my American currency into Rupees at the Mumbai airport and tucked the new Indian money away into my wallet.  My sponsor told me to keep Rs 500 in my hand because we would need … Continue reading

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Abolish Slavery

Slavery did not go away at the end of the American Civil War.  It also failed to disappear when the Nazi Labor Camps and the Soviet Gulags were liberated.  Modern day slavery is as incidious as ever.  The difference, today, … Continue reading

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Preserve The Ozone

One of the Earth’s most dangerous manmade problems is slowly going away because of our own proactive efforts.  The massive hole in our Ozone Layer is healing because of the phase-out of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) from technology and consumer goods. About … Continue reading

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Day Of Indigenous Peoples

Each year, around August 9th, much of the world celebrates the International Day Of The World’s Indigenous Peoples. The event has been commemorated ever since 1995, after the United Nations General Assembly voted to observe it. The main idea has … Continue reading

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International Day Of Friendship

If there’s one positive take-away from my youth I always want to keep, its the exposure to people from other countries. This has been a constant throughout my life.  It began with the Foreign Exchange Student who stayed with our … Continue reading

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