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Pondering Unity

“Where there is unity, there is always victory.”–Ancient Roman writer, Publilius Syrus We generally assume that unity is a social virtue that is used to build a better society, achieve social justice, and benefit humanity. We hear a stirring speech … Continue reading

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The first verse of “America The Beautiful” is the one most likely to become an earworm. The lines that are looping in my head this morning are, “And crown thy good with brotherhood / From sea to shining sea!” The … Continue reading

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Everyone who has been paying even scant attention to current events is witness to discord, and strife seemingly all around us. This disharmony is nothing new, but has been ramped up during the multiplicity of crises currently facing humanity. As … Continue reading

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It’s helpful to begin the new season on a positive, uplifting note. For this cold start, I have a warm word: metta. Metta is sorely needed to balance out the negativity and discord that is present in today’s world. If … Continue reading

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Opposite Day

Who has not pondered the liar paradox?  That is the scenario when a liar states that she/he is lying.  If the liar is lying that person is telling the truth; which, in turn means the liar is lying. The liar … Continue reading

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