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National Kick Butt Day

The English language has some crazy idioms. To “kick ass” or “kick butt” is one of the more puzzling phrases. The usual explanation regards disciplinary action by naval petty officers or shore patrol. The SP would isolate the ringleaders of a … Continue reading

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It’s Navy Day

Like many families, mine has a history of men and women serving in the armed forces. My dad and several great uncles served in the Army, another uncle was in the Air Force, a second cousin served as a Marine, and some first … Continue reading

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Battle Of Los Angeles

The recent alarming reports of our military conducting drills and battle practice over some U.S. cities reminded me of an account told to me several years ago.  A former co-worker of mine, Eugene, grew up in Los Angeles around the … Continue reading

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The Loss Of The USS Macon

When I lived in Sunnyvale, California, southeast of San Francisco, I was told about an historical event that involved a massive airship that, long ago, had been based at nearby Moffett Field.  The relationship to the Naval Air base and the … Continue reading

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