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One Big Dysfunctional Family

I spent about an hour viewing video clips about the James Webb Space Telescope and the International Space Station yesterday. I marveled at the breathtaking discoveries that have been revealed during the short span of my life. In addition, there … Continue reading

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An Old USAAF War Map

I have a World War Two air navigation map from the United States Army Air Forces in my map collection to share with you today. It came from the estate of an Army veteran, so it’s something appropriate to ponder … Continue reading

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When a person sincerely loves other people, one never truly thinks of duty or responsibility.  Duty and responsibility have been put in place to offset thoughtlessness. When a person strictly conforms to doctrine, economic theory, the “party line”, or social … Continue reading

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Justifying Evil

Arguably, human beings are the only species on Earth that harm and kill each other simply because of differences of opinions.  I’ve pondered this anomaly ever since my teenage years. Personally, I think this trait is a deplorable evil. If … Continue reading

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During my childhood in the late 1950s and 60s, I remember my grandparents reminiscing about war rationing.  They didn’t just mention it a few times, rationing was brought up quite often.  The official rationing of food, fuel, tires, clothing, and … Continue reading

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The afternoon sky was grey, overcast with heavy clouds. The icy, North wind penetrated the twelve year old boy’s arms and legs, as he stretched and massaged his muscles to prepare for the start of the 100-yard dash.  The boy and … Continue reading

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