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Watery Thoughts

To lift people out of dire poverty, advance civilization, and save the planet are integrated goals of modern nations. We are connecting the dots between food security, global health, energy needs, climate change, and water availability. While working to solve … Continue reading

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The Plumbing

As I filled the container with water for coffee from the kitchen sink faucet, I heard a soft tap, tap, tap. I turned off the faucet and the tapping went away. I turned the water back on and the tapping … Continue reading

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Feeling Grateful For Water

The first chemistry formula most of us learn is H2O. It is the most abundant substance on the Earth’s surface and is the most studied and contemplated chemical compound. Our planet is sometimes called “the water planet” because of this … Continue reading

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All Is Ours

You can say that you own something, but, it will end up owning you instead. I was a high school sophomore when I first heard something to that effect.  Many years earlier, during a discussion about “deep matters”, my best … Continue reading

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World Water Day

If I was appointed to rename our planet, the new name would have something to do with water.  I’ve heard the word “Oceania” several times from different areas of study.  I think I’d go with “Oceania”.  It has a pleasant … Continue reading

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In Norfolk, Nebraska, the flood control stream flows past the north edge of the downtown area.  There’s a bridge on 1st Street that crosses that stream.  At around 4:30 in the morning the other day, I walked across that bridge.  … Continue reading

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