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The Winds

The “mild” sore back is indirectly the result of a few 60 miles an hour wind gusts. Those gusts tore twigs and one small branch from the elm trees in my yard. I had previously planned to mow, so the … Continue reading

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Upon Hearing HAL’s Song

For the umpteenth time, I watched Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. This occured during a lull in activity this past weekend. The scene in which HAL the computer is being shut down became the prompt for today’s short post. … Continue reading

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On Meteorology Day

The weather and the forecasting of it was a major interest of my late friend Doug. When he was much younger, he worked part time for the National Weather Service in Norfolk, Nebraska. His weather station gig was something he … Continue reading

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Wintry Weather

The afternoon of very light snow flurries faded to an early evening of just cloudy skies. Forecasters had predicted light snow, so I was disappointed to see only a light dusting on the driveway, sidewalks, and street. Northeast Nebraska has … Continue reading

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Dog Days Of Summer

The easy availability of weather-related channels on the Web has changed the way I view the four seasons–particularly the summertime. I’ve been regularly viewing a YouTube channel called “Direct Weather”. The young man who hosts the videos does a good … Continue reading

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A Wet Year

I like to completely detail and wax the ol’ Camry at least once each year. I prefer to do this during dry spells so I can enjoy the look of a pristine car finish for at least a week; two … Continue reading

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A Bit Breezy

It’s an abnormal day if there is an absence of at least a moderate or fresh breeze in Norfolk. Great Plains states like Nebraska are simply a bit breezy most of the time. Meteorologists say this is due to variations … Continue reading

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