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Appreciate Weeds

Now that Nebraska weather is transforming into warmth again, it’s time to brace myself for lawn care season.  Fortunately, most of my neighbors are not lawn purists.  Like me, they haul out the mowers every week or so to shorten the … Continue reading

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National Wildflower Week

This week marks one of those “sleeper” commemorations that have much greater implications than we  realize at first glance.  National Wildflower Week obviously celebrates the beauty of naturally occuring, native flowers.  You don’t need to be a botanist or florist … Continue reading

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Outdoor Default Growth …Floral Friday

Instead of me arranging some blooms today, I’m going to simply display a few flowers that appear by default, courtesy of Mother Nature around my immediate neighborhood. These are simply as they appear, uncut and unprocessed through the lens of … Continue reading

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