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The Winds

The “mild” sore back is indirectly the result of a few 60 miles an hour wind gusts. Those gusts tore twigs and one small branch from the elm trees in my yard. I had previously planned to mow, so the … Continue reading

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Wintry Weather

The afternoon of very light snow flurries faded to an early evening of just cloudy skies. Forecasters had predicted light snow, so I was disappointed to see only a light dusting on the driveway, sidewalks, and street. Northeast Nebraska has … Continue reading

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Contemplating Silence

As I write this sentence, very strong winds are creating a lot of ruckus and noise. The weather forecast promises no silence before the dawn. If I really believe silence is golden, why do I live in the Great Plains … Continue reading

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A Bit Breezy

It’s an abnormal day if there is an absence of at least a moderate or fresh breeze in Norfolk. Great Plains states like Nebraska are simply a bit breezy most of the time. Meteorologists say this is due to variations … Continue reading

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Windy Neighborhood

Living in the Great Plains of North America means exposure to plenty of wind.  This wind is quite frequently, very strong.  These are the average, day to day gusty winds.  I am not writing about tornadic winds in this post, … Continue reading

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