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Enjoying Brisk Weather

My sleep is far more satisfying when the outdoors temperatures are low. It’s wonderful to snuggle beneath a heavy quilt and listen to the HVAC purring through the house’s ductwork. Upon awakening, I linger a few minutes and savor the … Continue reading

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That Wind

The snow followed the confines of the street as it flowed like a gentle creek from the northwest towards the east. The undulating, wavy pattern was mesmerizing. Next, a billowing cloud of snow appeared from the north like a tidal … Continue reading

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The Hoarfrost Appeared

Earlier this month fog shrouded much of Northeast Nebraska. The first time I noticed it was around 3:30 in the morning. At that time it was unremarkably light. The next time I looked out the window, at 5:00, visibility was … Continue reading

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