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A Few Thoughts About Democracy

No, the United States is not the world’s largest democracy. That honor goes to India. This makes sense by virtue of population size. Strictly speaking, there actually no purely democratic nations. The U.S. India, and most of the non-dictatorial nations … Continue reading

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What About Grover Cleveland?

The political alignments in 19th Century United States were somewhat reversed from what we know today. We need to remember that, in those days, the Republican party was the liberal party, and the Democrats were the died-in-the-wool conservatives. Stephen “Grover” … Continue reading

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Universal Human Rights Month

The Human Rights movement has been a primary interest of this blogger ever since the late 1960s.  It was during my high school years that I realized that authorities frequently fail to uphold basic human liberties. Also, quite often, they … Continue reading

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Happy Wyoming Admission Day

We recognize the State of Wyoming on maps as one of those large, rectangular entities carved out of the western United States.  We probably think of the old song, “Home On The Range”. There are cowboys and wide-open spaces and … Continue reading

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Susan B. Anthony Dollars

I emptied my pockets after returning from a road trip yesterday and sorted my change.  That’s when I noticed that someone had given me a small dollar coin instead of a quarter.  Upon closer examination, I noticed that it was … Continue reading

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Human Rights Day

It is an often proven fact that whenever a group of people wish to attain equal status and liberty that the majority enjoys, they encounter staunch opposition.  The minority in question cannot simply wait for the majority to grant them … Continue reading

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