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We Are Family

Not all of the time-worn clich├ęs are worn-out. Many of them have been shown true throughout the years. One of them regards making room in our lives for the stuff that matters like: fun and joy, love and generosity, friends … Continue reading

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To Be Someone

In today’s social climate, the desire to be someone special is extremely strong. Whether one wants to be an Internet celebrity, or be a noteworthy entrepreneur, ambition to become someone might block who we truly are. Suppose you wish to … Continue reading

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Serious Reflections On Leisure

A relatively mild November weekend has been conducive to pondering the concept of leisure. It is a concept I’ve felt increasingly protective of ever since I was automated and downsized out of a job a dozen years ago. It was … Continue reading

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During a typical personal morning coffee break, I like to mentally review any rough plans for the remainder of the day. The highest priority task gets the most focus. I review the step-by-step procedures that will be done so I … Continue reading

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An E For Effort

As I’ve become older I noticed I’ve become more like one of my former acquaintances who had no taste for adventure and had become overly conservative and averse to changes. This personal trend increased during the lock-down for the pandemic. … Continue reading

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The Last Weekend

I hope you’re enjoying this final weekend of 2020. It’s the one many of us have been anticipating with baited breath. Perhaps we will get a well-deserved respite from this insane year. But wait, the next weekend, the first one … Continue reading

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Together Or Apart

While raking leaves and twigs from the yard, my mind wandered as it usually does while doing manual, domestic chores. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone help with this drudgery? Then I remembered that raking the yard is a … Continue reading

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