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The Prometheus Bomb (Review)

How can the most incredible secret project be kept under wraps in a democratic republic?  How can the President oversee that project if he doesn’t fully understand nuclear physics?  The precarious path to the development of the first atomic bombs … Continue reading

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His Final Battle (Review)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been called the greatest President of the 20th Century. People of differing political preferences may disagree or agree with that assessment.  However, the fact remains that the 32nd President of the United States of America was … Continue reading

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Why? Explaining The Holocaust (Review)

When I first noticed Dr. Peter Hayes’ new book displayed on the shelf, I thought, “How come yet another book about the Holocaust?”  Yet, the title caused me to pick it up and to bring it home, anyway. At the beginning … Continue reading

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Executive Order 8802

For people and groups who feel an aching need for basic civil rights protections, legal action on these matters takes an excruciating, frustrating long time. Civil rights, specifically fair employment practices, are still wedge issues in today’s political debate. From … Continue reading

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Nachtsender Radio 1212

During international tensions and war, propaganda is a key ingredient for governments on all sides of a conflict. The first effective large scale use of covert broadcasting propaganda occured in Europe, during the Second World War. By the 1930s most people … Continue reading

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Bennett’s Vintage Book Of Paintings (Review)

The slightly oversized book jutted out from the others on the shelf.  I recognized the famous face and the name “Tony” partially hidden by the adjacent books.  Right away, I knew the volume was coming home with me. The first … Continue reading

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Who Was Tsutomu Yamaguchi?

On August 6, 1945, a 29-year-old Engineer for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries had just stepped off a streetcar in Hiroshima, Japan. Tsutomu Yamaguchi happened to look up and noticed a very high-flying airplane. Soon, a tiny silvery speck dropped from the … Continue reading

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