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Worry is ubiquitous. Worry can be destructive and exhausting. Worry can also be creative. Wait! How can all of these be true? Basically, worry is our built-in technique of dealing with fear. Worry is the mind’s way of trying to … Continue reading

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Courage Hoss

The combination of distant rumbling thunder and a revving Harley Davidson motorcycle awakened me about 1:00 early this morning. It took half-an-hour to re-establish sleep because of worry over predicted severe weather. NOAA had been predicting a spate of thunderstorms with … Continue reading

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Let Go

The only sounds I hear right now are the ringing of tinnitus, and the hiss of the forced-air furnace. The sky is dark because it’s early morning. Two small lamps and the glow of the laptop illuminate the music room. … Continue reading

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A Worry Wort?

The other day I suffered through some anxious thoughts about a pending visit to the dentist.  A gap had grown between my lower left wisdom tooth and the neighboring molar.  It felt like a large part of the tooth had … Continue reading

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Pact With The Devil

About a dozen years ago a friend landed a job in Toronto. He decided to sell and give away nearly all of his possessions.  He gave me a large box of books and a handful of cassette tapes.  One of … Continue reading

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