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Wear Your Parent’s Jewelry

I suppose I could wear one of my mom’s brooches to celebrate “Wear Your Mother’s Jewelry Day”. Although, my sister inherited mom’s jewelry and would probably loan out one of the pieces, the idea just doesn’t seem right. Doing so … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

The final countdown of remaining days of the year is in progress. We only have a fraction of a week left of 2019. This observation is “dated” because it will be obsolete in only a few days. If you are … Continue reading

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Option Paralysis

The problem began when I decided to reward myself for some major accomplishments. A new wristwatch seemed the thing to fill the bill. It’s been quite awhile since I last bought a nicer watch. I cannot justify nor afford a … Continue reading

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Something About Chronographs

Actually, I expected much more long term excitement about the Apple Watch than it has. In some circles, perhaps it has, but not in the general mainstream places on the Web I know of.  What has filtered into my little corner … Continue reading

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