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Facebook brings me joy. No, I’m not being facetious. The social media site adds a positive dimension of quality to my life. I realize that it’s fashionable to hate Facebook, particularly for its reliance upon algorithms and user targeted advertising … Continue reading

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The Night Tommy Swanson Died (Review)

My expectations about YouTuber Jack Merridew’s third short book were spot on. The book is a macabre commentary on growing up gay in America. The Night Tommy Swanson Died is a more eloquent offering than his first book Fireworks Over … Continue reading

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Liberal Redneck Manifesto (Review)

A few months ago the thumbnail photo for “The Liberal Redneck” appeared in my YouTube recommended list.  Naturally, I had to watch this ironic title.  Immediately, I was glad I clicked the link. I found a personable, down-home good ol’ boy … Continue reading

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It Gets Worse (Review)

If you spend any time watching YouTube videos, you might have come across some thumbnail links to material by Shane Dawson.  He’s a rather funny YouTuber albeit with a very dark disposition.  The name Dawson is his pen/stage name. Shane … Continue reading

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